438 Heavy Duty High Viscous Grease

Description :
#438 is a multi-purpose extreme pressure grease made form lithium soap stock which imparts food high and low temperature characteristics and chemical stability. The load carrying additives system contains no lead or metals which are environmental undesirable. Sty-in-place and absorbs the vibration of the machinery.

Features :
*Multi-Purpose food machinery grease–reduce inventory.
*Excellent rust protection.
*Adhesive tacky grease stays in place.
*Cost effective food grade lubricant.
Good *Certified Kosher and Pareve for Passover.

Typical Uses :
*Recommended for using in canneries, beverage bottling plants, potato chip plants, poultry processing plants.
*Can also be used in household devices : coffee machine, oven, mixer, and bathroom devices.
*For used in pharmaceutical factory, medical facilities, and electronic industries.
*Complies with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Federal Regulation 178.3620 and classified under NSF as an H-1 lubricant where incidental food contact might occur.

Kitchen appliances

Sanitary Equipment

Food Machinery

Bottling plants

Packing :
450mlx 8 Cans/Case (Aerosol Can)
14ozx50 Tubes/Case
35 Lbs/Pail


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