595 White Lithium Grease

It is a creamy-white lithium soap with non-abrasive basic oxides good quality grease.Within good shear stability and excellent pumpability characteristics and will not harden or soften readily under moderately high temperature.

*One grease for many applications for household, automotive, and industrial plants.
*Good pmupability at low/high temperature.
*Meets customers preference for white color.

Typical Uses :
*Recommended for lubrication for plain and anti-friction bearings under moderate load conditions.
*Commonly used in plants where there is a decided preference for white color grease such as: packing machine, mixer, conveyor.
*Apply to all types of automotive equipment, trucks, tractors, contractor and agricultural equipment.
*Household facilities : tap, lavatory, shower in bathroom; drawer railway in kitchen; plastic gear in toy car/printer.

Packing :
14ozx50 Tubes/Case
595A (aerosol can) 450mlx48 Cans/Case
35 Lbs/Pail

Kitchen Appliances


Plastic Gear

Car door/windows