Cordless Type (Electric Powered) EGN-1600

Due to the special function of the portable, quick continuous flowing, cordless electrical powered grease gun make this “LUBEGUARD” #EGN-1600 very popular to be used in the emergency applications of the maintenance work outdoor. For such as military weapon & equipment, automobile, marine, crane, construction equipment, and the general industrial of machinery…etc.

Operating Power12 Volt 1.5AhOutput pressure6,000 psi
Operating Noise<80dbGrease GradeNLGI 0~2
Output Volume170g/minTime to dispense
one grease
2.5 minutes
A single battery
8 ~ 11 tubesNet Weight3.2 kg/set
3 ways for loadinga.14 oz cartridgeb.500 g bulkc.Filler pump

#AS-6001 NiCd Rechargeable Battery : 12Volt, 1.5Ah. Weight : 650g/Pc
#AS-6002 Charger : Two types
1. Input : AC120V 60Hz Output : DC12V 1.5A Weight : 1Kg/Pc
2. Input : AC230V 50Hz Output : DC12V 1.5A Weight : 1Kg/Pc

One full set including :
1 Pc Grease Gun
1 Pc Battery
1 Pc Charger
1 Pc Shoulder Strap
1 Pc Carrying case