160B Electric Conduct Lube

Product Description

Conducto Lubes are formulated with copper, graphite and electric conductive powder to provide conductivity, along with superior lubrication to bearings or sliding surfaces on applications. Withstand temperature -5℉ to +1800℉.


● Strong adhesion with excellent conductivity which can prevent electricity loss.

● Lower the connector, switch temperature and electric voltage to prolong the life of usage.

Typical Uses :
● Lubricates electric conductive mechanical parts and bearings.

● Protects and lubricates electric switch, equipment, connectors and terminals.

Rotor motor

Spark Plug



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Gear Oil – 80W90/85W140/140

It is manufactured from high quality base oil fortified with VI improve additives, rust inhibitors, foam suppressants, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives and pour point depressants. Multi-purpose type hypoid gear lubricatns meets requirements of API GL-5. Timken OK Load Test 60 LBS.
The multi-viscosity oil formulations permit using over a wide temperatures range.

Differentials and conventional transmissions in passenger cars and trucks. Gear box, gear speed reducer. Pulp plants, steel mill, textile factory, cement plants and power plants.

Packing : 1Gal x 6 cans/case
5 Gal/pail

SG-2220 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil (Food Grade) H-1

Long life, fully synthetic gear oil with high VI-127 which is anti-oxidation, anti-wear and heavy loaded. Prevents sludge after long service time. Can prolong the oil change interval and economic. H-1 approved oil with strong and clean oil film meets FDA Section 12 CFR 178.3620(b), and 21 CFR 172.878. Temperature range : -30F ~+482F.

Application :
Food processing machinery, hospital equipment, plastic industries, textile plants, kitchen accessories, sewage treatment plants.

Packing : 5 Gal/pail

295 Food Grade White Oil

Clean, pure and odorless oil with low volatility biodegradable characteristics which complied with FDA CFR 178.3620(b). Applies to machinery lubricating which there may be indirect food contact. Can be plasticizes and internal lubricants, extrusion aids or defamer. Non-toxic, easy to wash-off, environmental friendly. As a lubricant and rust preventive to use in facilities. Temperature range : 0F ~ +420F. ISO-17.0

Applications :
Paper cups, plastic container, food processing machine, beverage factory, cannery, noodle machine, slaughter house, icing freezing machine, fiber factory, hospital facilities, and textile mill.
*When used as anti-rust oil, it must be removed by washing or wiping to keep oil from contacting food being processed.

Packing : 5Gal/pail

Chain Oil – 105B-50/205B-50/305B-50

105B-50 Hi-Temp Non Drop chain Oil
Strong oil film with high tacky adhesion additives makes oil will nor drip and economize. lubricating oil penetrates into pin shaft and rotor of chain to eliminate noise. It protects sliding surfaces and chains to against wear. Gives once-through lubrication. Withstand temperature : 0F ~ +470F

205B-50 Synthetic, Hi-Temp Long life chain oil
Synthetic hi-temp chain oil is formulated with polymer refined oil with high VI index : 135. Low vaporization with stable adhesion provides long service time. Clean and pure oil is without sediment and carbon. Economic usage keeps chain moisture without breaking. Excellent penetration to penetrate the chain joints, rotors, and axle centers. Raises the chain lubricity to eliminate fritcion and upgrade the effect. Temperature range : -40F ~+500F.

305B-50 Fully Synthetic, Hi-temp Chain Oil
Clean and clear fully synthetic chain oil is formulated from synthesized hydrocarbon base oil. Fortified with anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion additives to improve lubricity. Odorless and clear appearance will not pollute working environment. Extremely high and low temperature resistance. Good pressure and anti-wear agents to minimize wear. High Vi :127 strong oil film. Temperature range : -30 ~+482F
NSF Registration No. 137252, H-1 class certified.

Packing : 5 Gal/Pail

REACH Lubricants

Penetrating Oil
610 Rust Preventive Oil
620 Deep Reaching Penetrating Oil
630 Anti-Rust / Maximum Coat

Rust Preventive Oil
610A Aerosol Can
610C 1 Gal
610P 5 Gal

Penetrating Oil
620A Aerosol Can
620P 5 Gal

630A Aerosol Can
630C 7 Lbs
630P 35 Lbs

Food Grade Oil
295 Food Grade White Oil
305B-50 Fully Synthetic Chain Oil
SG-2220 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil
FM-220 Hi-Temp Synthetic Machinery Oil
395 Food Grade Aluminum Complex Grease (H-1)
579 Crystal Synthetic Food Grade Grease (H-1)

295 5 Gal
305B-50 5 Gal
SG-2220 5 Gal

395 14oz/Tube
395A Aerosol Can
395P 35 Lbs

579 14oz/tube
579P 35 Lbs

FM-220 Aerosol Can
FM-220P 5 Gal

Chain Oil
105B-50 Hi-Temp, Non Drop Chain Oil
205B-50 Synthetic, Long Life Chain Oil
305B-50 Synthetic, Food grade Chain Oil
560A Chain & Cable Oil
600A Endslip / Belt Dressing

105B-50 5 Gal
205B-50 5 Gal
305B-50 5 Gal

560A Aerosol Can

600A Aerosol Can

Gear Oil
80W90 /85W140 /140 Gear Oil
428 Open Gear Oil
SG-2220 Synthetic, Food Grade Oil

80W90 85W140 140 5 Gal
SG-2220 5 Gal

428A Aerosol Can
428P 5 Gal

5221/5222/5226/280 Jiabara Type Grease

5221 Lithium Multipurpose Grease
Contains selected mineral base oil with tackiness additives. Long fiber textured grease can stay in place to provide good lubricity. Reduces /eliminates machinery friction and noise. Suitable for applying on moderate/light duty bearing, linear, and ball screw rod.

5222 None Melt High Temperature Grease
Fortified with non soap base oil with EP and Anti-rust additives. This grease is stabilized with long service life. No dropping point will not pollute the working place. Suitable for applying on moderate/ heavy duty bearing, linear and ball screw rod.

5226 White Lithium PTFE Grease
Selected white color lithium grease with micro PTFE powder which is odorless and compatible with plastic/rubber subjects. Product has outstanding stability and resistance to separation and hardening in severe conditions. Suitable for applying on light/moderate duty bearing, linear and plastic accessories.

280 Mini type Lithium Multipurpose Grease
This is a multi-purpose buttery textured, amber color grease with effective oxidation stability to ensure long service. Apply to moderate and light duty operations. Applied to automotive parts, bicycle, farming and contractor equipment.

Item No.522152225226280
Dropping Point380None360380
Soap TypeLithiumNon-SoapPTFE
Ball Bearing
5000 10000300005000
Roller Bearing
Timken OK Load40 LBS60 LBS40 LBS40 LBS
Packing 400 g/pc
24 pcs/case
400 g/pc
24 pcs/case
400 g/pc
24 pcs/case
80 g/pc
30 pcs/case

5221/5222/5226 (400g) Jiabara Grease

280 Mini Type (80g) Jiabara Grease

*Recommended Grease Gun
LUBEGUARD Jiabara Type Grease Gun

G-300/G-500/G-900 MP Grease

G-300 Lithium base multi-purpose greaser with selected additives gives protection against normal corrosive and mechanical wear. Good pumpability with great excellent resistance against water makes the grease easy to use on bearings, gears, car chassis, and sliding surfaces. One item for many applications saves time and money.
Temperature: 0~+380 Timken OK Load : 40 Lbs

G-500 Non-soap type greaser formulated from selected base oil with special additives. Highly resistant to change in consistency with temperature. Recommended for use on kiln car wheel bearings, furnace door hinges, oven conveyor bearings, and heat exchange motor bearings.
Temperature: 0~+500 Timken OK Load : 60 Lbs

G-900 is a multi-purpose semi-synthetic grease with effective oxidation stability to ensure long service life. Selected additives give protection against corrosive and mechanical wear.
Applies to light/heavy duty automotive: trucks, tractor, fifth wheels, CNC, wheel bearings and chassis lubrication. For industrial applications : open gears, blow motors, sealed bearings, electric motors, and coupling.

Packing : 500g x 12cans/case; 7 lbs/pail; 35 lbs/pail

Item No.G-300G-500G-900
Dropping Point380None600
Soap TypeLithiumNon-SoapSemi-Syn.
ColorAmberDark AmberRed
Ball Bearing5000 RPM10000RPM15000RPM
Roller Bearing2000 RPM5000 RPM7000 RPM
Timken OK Load40 LBS60 LBS60 LBS
Packing500 g/can
36 cans/case
500 g/can
36 cans/case
500 g/can
36 cans/case

Lithium MP Grease

Hi-Temp MP Grease

Semi-Synthetic Grease

COF – Adjustable Chain Oil Feeder

A chain oiler applied to your drive chain, can greatly improve a drives performance operating life efficiently. The oil penetrates into the pin and bushing surface and maintain the oil film in this area, which will greatly reduce the wear and will prevent chain failure by providing protection against rust and corrosion. COF feeders can automatically function as pre-determined rates to prevent over and under lubrication in which will increase both chain life and efficiently.

Item No.COF-85COF-165
Material Aluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy
Dimension120 x Φ55 mm134.5 x Φ68 mm
Brush Dimension1-1/2″ x 1/2″
(38 mm x 15 mm)
1-1/2″ x 1/2″
(38 mm x 15 mm)
Cup Volume85 C.C.165 C.C.
Oil RequiredSAE50 Chain OilSAE50 Chain Oil
Packing12 pcs/case12 pcs/case