Gear Oil – 80W90/85W140/140

It is manufactured from high quality base oil fortified with VI improve additives, rust inhibitors, foam suppressants, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives and pour point depressants. Multi-purpose type hypoid gear lubricatns meets requirements of API GL-5. Timken OK Load Test 60 LBS.
The multi-viscosity oil formulations permit using over a wide temperatures range.

Differentials and conventional transmissions in passenger cars and trucks. Gear box, gear speed reducer. Pulp plants, steel mill, textile factory, cement plants and power plants.

Packing : 1Gal x 6 cans/case
5 Gal/pail

SG-2220 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil (Food Grade) H-1

Long life, fully synthetic gear oil with high VI-127 which is anti-oxidation, anti-wear and heavy loaded. Prevents sludge after long service time. Can prolong the oil change interval and economic. H-1 approved oil with strong and clean oil film meets FDA Section 12 CFR 178.3620(b), and 21 CFR 172.878. Temperature range : -30F ~+482F.

Application :
Food processing machinery, hospital equipment, plastic industries, textile plants, kitchen accessories, sewage treatment plants.

Packing : 5 Gal/pail

295 Food Grade White Oil

Clean, pure and odorless oil with low volatility biodegradable characteristics which complied with FDA CFR 178.3620(b). Applies to machinery lubricating which there may be indirect food contact. Can be plasticizes and internal lubricants, extrusion aids or defamer. Non-toxic, easy to wash-off, environmental friendly. As a lubricant and rust preventive to use in facilities. Temperature range : 0F ~ +420F. ISO-17.0

Applications :
Paper cups, plastic container, food processing machine, beverage factory, cannery, noodle machine, slaughter house, icing freezing machine, fiber factory, hospital facilities, and textile mill.
*When used as anti-rust oil, it must be removed by washing or wiping to keep oil from contacting food being processed.

Packing : 5Gal/pail

REACH Lubricants

Penetrating Oil
610 Rust Preventive Oil
620 Deep Reaching Penetrating Oil
630 Anti-Rust / Maximum Coat

Rust Preventive Oil
610A Aerosol Can
610C 1 Gal
610P 5 Gal

Penetrating Oil
620A Aerosol Can
620P 5 Gal

630A Aerosol Can
630C 7 Lbs
630P 35 Lbs

Food Grade Oil
295 Food Grade White Oil
305B-50 Fully Synthetic Chain Oil
SG-2220 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil
FM-220 Hi-Temp Synthetic Machinery Oil
395 Food Grade Aluminum Complex Grease (H-1)
579 Crystal Synthetic Food Grade Grease (H-1)

295 5 Gal
305B-50 5 Gal
SG-2220 5 Gal

395 14oz/Tube
395A Aerosol Can
395P 35 Lbs

579 14oz/tube
579P 35 Lbs

FM-220 Aerosol Can
FM-220P 5 Gal

Chain Oil
105B-50 Hi-Temp, Non Drop Chain Oil
205B-50 Synthetic, Long Life Chain Oil
305B-50 Synthetic, Food grade Chain Oil
560A Chain & Cable Oil
600A Endslip / Belt Dressing

105B-50 5 Gal
205B-50 5 Gal
305B-50 5 Gal

560A Aerosol Can

600A Aerosol Can

Gear Oil
80W90 /85W140 /140 Gear Oil
428 Open Gear Oil
SG-2220 Synthetic, Food Grade Oil

80W90 85W140 140 5 Gal
SG-2220 5 Gal

428A Aerosol Can
428P 5 Gal

690A/693A/695A Hi-Temp Non-Drop Synthetic Lubricants

Liquid type grease
Hi-Temp synthetic lubricant
Ideal lubricant for precision instrument

Features :
#690 series oils are synthetic lubricants formulated from synthetic base oils and selected viscosity additives. Liquid type grease contains advantages of oil and grease; non-dripping, high strength oil film. Fortified with high amount of extreme pressure and good penetrate additives which gives a high shock load capability to prolong service life. Wide temperature applications is applied for precision instruments.

Applications :
#690A (general type) and #695A (heavy duty) are ideal lubricant for applying to ball screws, linear, linear motion, gantry system, bearing, chains and gears.
Industry : Steel mill, plastic injection factory, textile machine, pulp plants, painting plants,
Household : Sport facilities, wrench, door and window guide rail, metal and non-ferrous metal.
#693A (precision type) is ideal lubricant used in semi-conductor industries, automation industries, aviation and space industries.

Packing :
450 ml/can
48 cans/case

620A Penetrating Oil / Rust Away

Anti-rust / Anti-corrosion
Oxidation additives
Cleaning Properties

Features :
Unique penetrating oil is fortified with anti-rust and anti-corrosion inhibitors. It can loosen and lubricate corroded, rusted and frozen parts. Oxidation additives protect metal surfaces of moving parts from rust and corrosion. Cleaning properties dissolve dust, grease, and wax. Residual oil film can lubricate and provide protection for the metal surfaces.

Applications :
Numerous uses can reduce inventory, and saves money and time.
Safe to all kinds of metal and alloys. Compatible with painted surfaces.
Household : locks, bolts, nuts, garage roll-up door, garden tools.
Industries : machinery parts, screw, pipes joints, connections, crank, agricultural machinery.
Automobile : muffler, tailpipe clamps, valves, and marine vessels.

Packing :
450ml /can
48 can/case

610A Rust Preventive Oil

Strong oil film, Lubricating
Moisture Dispelling, Cleaning
No stain residue

Features :
A solvent blends with high quality refined oil, making to be as a super rust preventive oil, contains with water displacing, rust preventive, lubricate improver additives making the product acts as numerous purpose of rust preventive, moisture displacement, penetration, lubrication, and clean of five functions. Clean and odorless oil will not stain metal surface.

Application :
Rust Preventive : Protects machine parts against rust will give 5-10 months indoor, and 1-3 months sheltered outdoor of protection.

Moisture displacement : Ideal for applying to finished parts after machine operation with soluble cutting oils to displace water and prevent staining of metal surfaces.

Penetration : Commonly used as a penetrating oil to loosen difficult to remove nuts, bolt, and threads.

Lubrication : Apply to hand operated tools, electrical powered tools, garage, precision instrument, machine parts, locks and the personal of family and automobile equipment of DIY performance.

Clean : Used to free up rusty or dirty parts such as hinges, latched, throttle linkage and other frozen parts. Neutralizes fingerprints.

Packing :
48cans/Case (Aerosol Can)
1 Gal/can 6cans/Case
5 Gal/Pail

610C 1Gal/can

610P 5Gal/Pail

560A Moly Chain & Cable Lubricant

Excellent adhesion
Resists water wash-out
High pressure resistance

Features :
Liquid type oil with high penetration lubricates chain rotor axle center and cable wire rope which can prevent breakage, prolong service life, and eliminate noise. Fortified with MOS2 to against high pressure and friction. Excellent water repellency keeps the lubricant stay-in-place to protect metal from rust and corrosion. Outdoor/indoor appliances are suitable for using.

Applications :
Wire rope, cable, metal surfaces, rollers and conveyors in industrial plants. chain saw bar and chain lubricants.

Packing :

48 cans/Case

520A Silicone Lubricant

100% Pure Silicone
Chemical stability
Decrease the friction and coefficient

This is excellent chemical stability, low viscosity and good lubricity silicone oil. Wide temperature range is from -60F to +600F. Decrease the friction and coefficient of the metal and non-metal surfaces. Clean and odorless oil will not pollute the environment

Metal and non-metal surfaces are suitable for use.
Non-metal : Rubber, plastic, woods, textile, paper.
Plants : textile machinery, carton sealing machine, printer, electric industries, toy, computer keyboard, fishing tackle, vessels, cable wire rope, and articles for daily use.


48 cans/Case