7401 Bath & Shower Cleaner

Excellent cleaner with natural rose fragrance, special dirt-capturing ingredients to suspend dirt in the water, which is easy to wash off. Biodegradable leaves no residue to meet environmental requirement. Easy to remove scale and soap scum. Contents with an effective anti-microbial agent. Applied to lavatory. bathtub, water closet, faucet, tile, mirror, glass and stainless steel.

Packing :
1 Gal x 6 cans/Case

2305 Bio Cleaner

#2305 is highly concentrated, all-purpose cleaner designed to remove a wide variety of oils and dirt from surface without damage which is safe to your skin and environment. Pleasant rose fragrance will not irritating. Can be dilute with water for best cleaning effect. Approximate water to #2305 ratio:
0~3 To cleaner heavy accumulative dirt, grease and oil.
4~7 To clean machinery, autos, vessels, range hood, dirty floors, bathroom and housekeeping.
For general cleaning, dilute with appropriate amount water and then clean with dry wet cloth. To clean heavy dirty, dilute with small amount water and stay for 5-10 minutes and brush off

Packing :
120 ml x 24 cans/case
1 Gal x 6 cans/case
5 Gal / Pail

120 ml/can

1 Gal/can

5 Gal/Pail

Electrical Product Cleaner

Fast-volatilized cleaner
Decrease electric resistance
Improve electric conduction

Features :
Fast-volatilized cleaner can penetrate and dissolve the dirt, sludge in edges easily. Can revive the magnetic material, decrease electric resistance and improve electric conduction. It does not contain phosphate and CFCs and will not pollute water and environment. Removes Fluorine oil film and oil dirt on the surface of instrument. Suits for various kinds of rubber and plastic objects.

Application :
Electronic components, Electronic equipment, and Relay.
Cable wires, Vacuum facilities, Circuit board, Battery connector.
Communication adapters, Wire connector and Cell phone.

Packing :
550 ml/can
48 cans/case

775A Multi-purpose Cleaner (Super Dry)

Excellent cleaning ability
Dry fast without residue
Safe to rubber, plastic

Features :
Excellent cleaning and penetrating ability dries quickly without leaving oil film on the surface. Will not harm rubber, plastic, acrylic products. Phosphates and CFCs free.

Application :
Most commonly used to clean automotive and machinery parts. Apply to clean oil filters, hand tools, bearings, pipes, chains, gears, oily floor, iron/steel mould.

Packing :
550 ml/can
48 cans/case

723A Multi-purpose Cleaner

Multi-purpose Cleaner
Dissolves oil, dirt
Safe for painting

Features :
Special detergent formulated for multi-purpose cleaner contains grease emulsifies, soil-suspending ingredients and is designed to clean automotive parts. Dissolves the oil, dirt easily and rapidly and will not make damage on panel-beating and painting of cars. Formulated with wetting agents will not evaporate soon and stay-in-place to penetrate into the tiny gap to discharge the moisture and dirt.

Application :
Automotive: Engine degreaser, maintenance cleaner.
Industries: Machinery parts, hardware accessories, joint, bearing, electric/pneumatic tools.
Bike: Aerosol can or dip in the basin for few minutes and use brush to clean.
Can repeat use after filtering.

Packing ;
550 ml/can
48 cans/case

670A Super Heavy Duty Cleaner

Solvent Cleaner
Clean Fast, Dry Fast
No CFCs; Environment friendly

Features :
A solvent cleaner and degreaser removes dirt readily and no residues. Suits for general machinery accessories, and dissolves dirt, dust, tar and wax. It does not contain phosphate and CFCs which is environmental friendly.

Applications :
Factory machinery accessories : hardware, hand tools, chains, gears, bearings, screw and bolt, bump, gear box, motor,
Automotive : vehicle chassis, cultivator, car and motorcycle.
Removes the asphalt, painting and greasy dirt.

**Be sure test before application. It is not safety to some types of rubber and plastic products.

Packing :
450 ml/can
48 Cans/Case

622 強效除鏽劑

售價 未稅
$250 ( 240 ml / 罐 )


將本液塗抹於需要除鏽的金屬部位,並靜置5~20分鐘後(依鏽蝕程度予以調整時間),可用刷子加強清除鏽蝕,再使用抹布擦拭乾淨或用清水刷洗,並使其乾燥。由於清潔除鏽後,金屬表面沒有任何漆面保護及防鏽,此時請儘速使用防鏽油給予保護, ( 如本公司610A金屬保護防鏽潤滑油 ),避免金屬再次因接觸濕氣而氧化。



包裝容量:240 ml x 24 罐 / 箱。

723A 多效油污、油垢清潔劑

售價 未稅
$ 220 ( 550 ml / 罐 )
$ 1,170 ( 1 加侖 / 罐, 1箱=2罐裝 )
$ 5,360 ( 5 加侖 / 桶 )

本產品為特殊配方溼性清潔劑,可以徹底滲透入髒污處,確實做到完整的清潔,並可重複擦拭。 清洗力強,用途廣泛,不傷害汽、機車鈑金及烤漆,能迅速溶解油污、鏽蝕、粉塵、柏油及蠟垢。可有效滲透入難以清潔之部位,將卡在關節處的水氣、砂土排出,並可溶解頑固油脂、污垢及沉澱物。

自 行 車:自行車齒輪、鏈條及車身清潔。

備  註:如使用桶裝時,可倒至小盆後,放入欲清洗之零組件,靜置數分鐘後再進行

包裝容量:550 ml x 48 罐 / 箱。

Pril 濃縮高效洗碗精

【Pril】濃縮高效能洗碗精 #是家庭主婦的最愛

迅速溶解頑強的油垢,更節省的使用量 。


容量:675 g/罐