151 EP Lithium Grease

#151 is a multi-purpose buttery textured, amber colored grease with effective oxidation stability to ensure long service life. Apply to moderate and light duty operations.

* Multi-purpose: one grease for numerous applications
*Good pumpability at low temperatures.
* Excellent water resistance.
*Wide temperature operating range.
*NLGI Certified LB in chassis applications.

Typical Uses :
* Recommended for lubrication for plain and anti-friction bearings, gears, and grease lubricated couplings in all types of industrial plants operating under moderate load conditions.
* Recommended for lubrication of all types of automotive equipment, trucks, tractors and contractor equipment.
* Household usage: exercise equipment, electric roll-up door, seat rail guide, and window hinges.

Ball Screws

Vehicle Chassis Bearing


Motor Bearing

Packing :
NLGI-2 : 14oz x 50 Tubes/Case; 35 Lbs/Pail.
NLGI-0 : 35 Lbs/Pail.


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