560A Moly Chain & Cable Lubricant

Excellent adhesion
Resists water wash-out
High pressure resistance

Features :
Liquid type oil with high penetration lubricates chain rotor axle center and cable wire rope which can prevent breakage, prolong service life, and eliminate noise. Fortified with MOS2 to against high pressure and friction. Excellent water repellency keeps the lubricant stay-in-place to protect metal from rust and corrosion. Outdoor/indoor appliances are suitable for using.

Applications :
Wire rope, cable, metal surfaces, rollers and conveyors in industrial plants. chain saw bar and chain lubricants.

Packing :
450mlx48 cans/Case

520A Silicone Lubricant

100% Pure Silicone
Chemical stability
Decrease the friction and coefficient

This is excellent chemical stability, low viscosity and good lubricity silicone oil. Wide temperature range is from -60F to +600F. Decrease the friction and coefficient of the metal and non-metal surfaces. Clean and odorless oil will not pollute the environment

Metal and non-metal surfaces are suitable for use.
Non-metal : Rubber, plastic, woods, textile, paper.
Plants : textile machinery, carton sealing machine, printer, electric industries, toy, computer keyboard, fishing tackle, vessels, cable wire rope, and articles for daily use.

450mlx48 cans/Case

510A Moly Hi-Temp & Dry Powder Lube

Rich amount of Moly powder
Good load carrying capacity
High temperature applications

Features :
Rich amount of molybdenum Disulfide with excellent water wash-out. It has high load carrying capacity to resist high pressure to protect gears. Dry MOS2 can fill up the scratch and pit on the metal surface to make it smoothly to reduce the friction. Quick penetrating fluid dries quickly leaving behind the micro sized moly particles working as a dissimilar material to aid in assembly or disassembly.

As Anti-seize lubricant : Ideal lubricant for used on die-casting mold, boiler, printing and dyeing machine, textile machinery, steel-mill.
As Dry lubricant : oven parts, stamping machines, cannery plants, chains, slides, valves, flanges and press machinery.

450mlx48 cans/Case

505A Syn. Long-Life Lube (PTFE)

Strong Oil Film
Synthetic oil with PTFE
Hi-pressure & Anti-Friction

Features :
Refined selected high quality synthetic base oil fortified with rich amount of PTFE powder which improve highly pressure and anti-friction. This is product is designed with strong oil film to “stay-in-place and lubricates” and can prevent moisture. PTFE powder can decrease friction coefficient and improve lubricity.

Applications :
Automotive parts. Electronic components. Rail guide. slides, Gears. Chains. Plastic/Rubber processing plants.

550mlx48 cans/Case

500A Dry Film Lubricant (PTFE)

Dry PTFE Film
High pressure
Wide Temperature Range

Features :
Dry film type lubricant is made of lots of amount PTFE micro powder . Outstanding in acidic, alkaline and chemical resistance. Good adhesion will not harden and scratch.

Applications :
Automotive parts, Electronic components, rail guide, gears, chains, slide way.
Suitable for different materials : Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Bakelite, Wood.
Various industries : wood making machine, Food machinery, pulp and paper making plants, glass factory, textile factory, and building industry.

Packing :
450mlx48 cans/Case

428A Open Gear & Cable Lubricant

Heavy Loaded
Tackiness and Durability

Features :
Tackiness oil film provides long lasting protection and durability of coating. Asphalt-free lubricant with special extreme pressure additives formula to protect heavily loaded gears from scoring and galling.

Applications :
*Wire ropes, Cables, Flexible couplings, chains, open gears, and partly enclosed gears.
*Also used on sliding surfaces of drag lines and shovels, cement mills, coke ovens, construction equipment, and other applications where adhesive grease is required.

Packing :
450ml x 48 cans/case

390A Lithium Complex Grease

High & Wide Temperature
Shock Load-Carrying Ability
Industrial, Automotive, Farm Equipment

Features :
Outstanding wide temperature range : 0F ~ +580F with exceptionally low start-up resistance and resists bearing leakage at high temperature. Fortified with EP additives to against high loads and wears. Excellent shock load-carrying ability. Rust and corrosion inhibited to protect metal surfaces.

Applications :
*All types of bearing : plain bearings, heavily loaded journal bearings, ball and roller bearings, needle bearings and couplings.
*Recommended for wheel bearing, including disc brake applications, fifth wheels, U-joints, steering linkage and chassis lubricant
*Applied to electric motor and farm equipment.

Packing :
450ml x 48 cans/Case

336A Tapping & Cutting Oil

Tapping & Drilling
Grinding & Drawing
Broaching & Threading

Features :
A heavy duty multi-purpose cutting oil for many kinds of cutting operations is manufactured from selected low viscosity naphthenic base oil fortified with active sulfur, chlorine and fat to provide extra anti-weld properties for good surface finish and maximum tool life.
Contains mist suppressant to prevent fogging.

Applications :
*Broaching operation where light cut are desired.
*Ideal for use on electric pipe threading machine.
*Suitable for small metal chips and allows high operation rates in high-speed operations.

Packing :
450 ml x 48 cans/case.

151A Hi-Temp MP Grease

Strong Oil Film ~
Excellent Stability ~
Good Adhesion ~
Moisture Prevent ~

Features :
*Multi-Purpose grease – one grease for numerous applications.
*Economical – saves maintenance cost.
*Good pumpability at low temperatures.
*Anti-Rust, Moisture prevent.
*Wide temperature operating range.

Applications :
*Applied to lubricating all types of automotive : car, truck, bicycles, agricultural machinery and contractor equipment.
*Industrial equipment: plain and anti-friction bearings, gears, pumps and couplings.
*Household usage: fishing tackle, sport facilities, electric roll-up door, seat guide rail, windows hinges.

Packing :
550 ml/can
48 cans/case

629 Spindle Grease for Hi-speed Bearing

Description :
#629 is a high quality semi-fluid grease developed especially for the critical lubrication of high speed bearing spindle heads which is fortified with low viscosity base oil providing excellent low temperature designed to assure complete lubrication and ease of starting in cold weather.

Features :
* Low running torque.
* Protects spindle and bearings from wear.
* Provides easy starting of machine – prevents “chatter”.
* Eliminates downtime during harvest.
* Water resistant provides rust protection.
* Meets John Deere requirements for Cotton Picker Spindle grease.

Typical Uses :
* Recommended for all grease lubricated cotton pickers such as John Deere, and J.I. Case-International Harvester.
* Medium/light load bearing, needle bearing.
* Textile factory, motors, mining machinery.

Packing :
1 Kg/Can
7 Lbs/Pail
35 Lbs/Pail


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