AOF – Adjustable Oil Feeder

Drip flowing feeder oilers are the popular method of automatic oil lubrication. The oil feeding rate ca be set by turning the needel valve and also can be installed by three different kinds of adapters to the oil flowing end to meet the oil output volume requirement. Since this oiler can be applied to various kinds of machinery. To lubricate such as : chain, gear, cam, roller, bearing, sliding surface, screw and shaft, …etc.

Item No.AOF-85AOF-165
Material Aluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy
Dimension120 x Φ85 mm134.5 x Φ68 mm
Cup Volume85 C.C.165 C.C.
Oil RequiredSAE 10~140SAE 10~140
Packing12 pcs/case12 pcs/case


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