BGF- Single Point Grease Feeder

Single point bearing greaser feeders operate without any power requirement. Using double springs provides 3 psi pressure to fill the grease into bearings form time to time continuously while machinery in operation. Aluminum alloy feeder base will not rust; transparent cup easy to check the greaser volume. Adjustable valve can be controlled the grease filling volume. It is suitable to install indoor and out door at temperature -4°F~260°F.

Installation :
1. Be sure eliminate the original greaser from bearings before install the feeders to the
machinery. If the original grease cannot be pressed out, it means that the original grease
may be harden, please replace the bearing.
2. Suitable for using NLGI-0~2.0 grease and be sure without any foreign object.
3. Make sure no residual air leaving in the grease feeding system. The remaining air will
cause the grease flow unevenly.
4. Use grease gun to fill the grease into the feeder until the grease fill out from the seal of
the bearing.

Item No.BGF-58BGF-125
MaterialAluminum AlloyAluminum alloy
Diemnsion120 x Φ55 mm134.5 x Φ68 mm
Grease Volume58g125g
Output Pressure3 psi3 psi
Packing12 pcs/case12 pcs/case
adapter speciation
Adapter No.V1V2V3
Size1/4″ PT191/8″ PT281/4″ UNF28
flowing reference chart
Grease NLGI012
Grease Output Volume0.15g/hr0.10g/hr0.05g/hr
Base on V2 Full Open

Adapters / 3 Pcs /Set