610A Rust Preventive Oil

Strong oil film, Lubricating
Moisture Dispelling, Cleaning
No stain residue

Features :
A solvent blends with high quality refined oil, making to be as a super rust preventive oil, contains with water displacing, rust preventive, lubricate improver additives making the product acts as numerous purpose of rust preventive, moisture displacement, penetration, lubrication, and clean of five functions. Clean and odorless oil will not stain metal surface.

Application :
Rust Preventive : Protects machine parts against rust will give 5-10 months indoor, and 1-3 months sheltered outdoor of protection.

Moisture displacement : Ideal for applying to finished parts after machine operation with soluble cutting oils to displace water and prevent staining of metal surfaces.

Penetration : Commonly used as a penetrating oil to loosen difficult to remove nuts, bolt, and threads.

Lubrication : Apply to hand operated tools, electrical powered tools, garage, precision instrument, machine parts, locks and the personal of family and automobile equipment of DIY performance.

Clean : Used to free up rusty or dirty parts such as hinges, latched, throttle linkage and other frozen parts. Neutralizes fingerprints.

Packing :
48cans/Case (Aerosol Can)
1 Gal/can 6cans/Case
5 Gal/Pail

610C 1Gal/can

610P 5Gal/Pail