579 Crystal Syn. Food machinery Grease (H-1, AA)

Description :
#579 is unique synthetic grease that is colorless and odorless, formulated from synthetic base oils and a proprietary inorganic thickener system. It has excellent wear and rust protection.

Features :
*Multi-purpose machinery grease for many applications – reduces inventory.
*Wide temperature range: -40F to +500F.
*Complies with FDA AA and classified under NSF as an-H-1 lubricant where incidental food contact may occur.
*Adhesive, tacky grease that stays in place.

Typical Uses :
*Certified Kosher and Pareve for Passover.
*Certified Crescent m Halal.
*Used for beverage bottling plants, potato chip plants, bakery machinery.
*Different kinds of food processing plants: poultry processing plants, meat processing plants.

Packing :
14oz x 50 Tubes/Case
35 Lbs/Pail.


Kitchen Appliances

Ice Cream Maker

Meat Slicing Machine

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  1. 林小姐, 您好:
    #395為半合成油脂. 白色.
    #579為全合成油脂. 透明無色. 最適用於潮濕的地方及高轉速的地方.
    *請注意, #395及#579 為食品機器專用油脂. 非”食用級”油脂,請勿食用.

    得皇公司 技術部