580 Synthetic Hi-Temp Grease (PTFE)

Description :
#580 grease is multi-purpose grease with high VI PAO base oil fortified with hi-tech refined Polytetrafluoroethylene additives (PTFE). Selective additives give extended protection against extreme pressure, high friction and shock loads.

Features :
*Excellent rust and water protection.
*Multi-purpose grease for many applications.
*Excellent high temperature and low temperature qualities.
*Highly resistance to water, acidic, alkaline and sunlight.

Typical Uses :
*Recommended for lubrication of plastic, rubber, bakelite and synthetic rubber products.
*It is especially useful for lubricating such components and assembles that are subject to sudden movement after being stationary inactive for long period of time.
*Commonly used in electrical appliances, air pneumatic tools and metal sliding surface.
*Ideal lubricating grease for camera, telescope, microscope, stereo equipment, printing machine.

Packing :
14oz x 50 Tubes/Case
35 Lbs/Pail.


Plastic Gear

Ball Screws



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