586 White Lithium MP Grease (PTFE)

This is creamy-white lubricant with high quality base oil, lithium soap, and special PTFE additives. Mild WP anti-wear additives provide additional protection and longer bearing life. Anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and prevent water wash-out prolongs bearing life.

*One grease for many applications.
*Good pumpability at low temperatures.
*Meets customers preference for white color grease.
*Wild temperature application.

Typical Uses :
* Applied to moderate to light-loaded bearing, gear, plastic gear, slides, chains, fans, electric assembly, and articles for daily uses.
*Applied to lubricating plain and anti-friction bearings under moderate load conditions.
*Used for all types of automotive spare parts, car door bolts, and car window rails.
*Commonly used in precision instruments : camera, telescope, microscope, stereo system, and printer.

Packing :
1 Kg/Can
7 Lbs/Pail
35 Lbs/Pail

1 Kg/can


35 Lbs/Pail


Plastic Gear

Car Slide

Ball Screws