599 Pure Syn. Clean Room Grease

Description :
#599 contains high VI base oil combined with high molecular weight polymer and is fortified with hi-tech refined Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) additives. No dropping point and excellent shear stability. It has good rust protection, and “wash-out” resistance.

Features :
*Multi-purpose for many applications.
*”Dust-Free” keeps the working place clean.
*A premium priced grease for solving severe lubrication applications.
*Widely temperature range constants consistency.

Typical Uses :
* Used in lubrication of heavily loaded plain and anti-friction bearings, gears and grease lubricated couplings subject to high temperatures and shock loadings.
* Applied to high technical factory, semi-conduct laboratory, clean room, optical instrument, and aerospace industry.
* Commonly used in metal, and non-ferrous metal, high speed gear, plastic, rubber, bakelite products, electric powered and air pneumatic tools.

NOTE : To get good lubricity, be sure to clean up the bearing before applying #599.
Do Not use in Vacuum System.

Packing :
14oz x 50 Tubes/Case
1 Kg x 12 Cans/Case
7 Lbs/Pail
35 Lbs/Pail


1 Kg/Can

7 Lbs/Pail

35 Lbs/Pail

Clean Room


Aerospace Industry