629 Spindle Grease for Hi-speed Bearing

Description :
#629 is a high quality semi-fluid grease developed especially for the critical lubrication of high speed bearing spindle heads which is fortified with low viscosity base oil providing excellent low temperature designed to assure complete lubrication and ease of starting in cold weather.

Features :
* Low running torque.
* Protects spindle and bearings from wear.
* Provides easy starting of machine – prevents “chatter”.
* Eliminates downtime during harvest.
* Water resistant provides rust protection.
* Meets John Deere requirements for Cotton Picker Spindle grease.

Typical Uses :
* Recommended for all grease lubricated cotton pickers such as John Deere, and J.I. Case-International Harvester.
* Medium/light load bearing, needle bearing.
* Textile factory, motors, mining machinery.

Packing :
1 Kg/Can
7 Lbs/Pail
35 Lbs/Pail

1 Kg/Can

7 Lbs/Pail

35 Lbs/Pail


Needle Bearings

Needle Roller Bearing




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