395 Food Machinery Aluminum Complex Grease H-1

Description :
#395 is a aluminum-complex-thicken grease, formulated with food grade base oils. Its unique formulation allows it to pass the NSF H-1 standard for incidental food contact. It has higher dropping point than traditional grease. White creamy grease with good pumpability.

Features :
*Multi-Purpose food machinery grease–reduce inventory.
*Excellent rust protection.
*Adhesive tacky grease stays in place.
*Cost effective food grade lubricant.
Good *Certified Kosher and Pareve for Passover.

Typical Uses :
*Recommended for using in canneries, beverage bottling plants, potato chip plants, poultry processing plants.
*Can also be used in household devices : coffee machine, oven, mixer, and bathroom devices.
*For used in pharmaceutical factory, medical facilities, and electronic industries.
*Complies with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Federal Regulation 178.3620 and classified under NSF as an H-1 lubricant where incidental food contact might occur.

Kitchen appliances

Sanitary Equipment

Food Machinery

Bottling plants

Packing :
450mlx 8 Cans/Case (Aerosol Can)
14ozx50 Tubes/Case
35 Lbs/Pail