620A Penetrating Oil / Rust Away

Anti-rust / Anti-corrosion
Oxidation additives
Cleaning Properties

Features :
Unique penetrating oil is fortified with anti-rust and anti-corrosion inhibitors. It can loosen and lubricate corroded, rusted and frozen parts. Oxidation additives protect metal surfaces of moving parts from rust and corrosion. Cleaning properties dissolve dust, grease, and wax. Residual oil film can lubricate and provide protection for the metal surfaces.

Applications :
Numerous uses can reduce inventory, and saves money and time.
Safe to all kinds of metal and alloys. Compatible with painted surfaces.
Household : locks, bolts, nuts, garage roll-up door, garden tools.
Industries : machinery parts, screw, pipes joints, connections, crank, agricultural machinery.
Automobile : muffler, tailpipe clamps, valves, and marine vessels.

Packing :
550ml /can (Aerosol)
48 can/case



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