630A Anti-Rust / Maximum-Coat

Fortified with effective corrosion inhibition properties
Dispelling moisture away from metal surface
Contains antimicrobial agent

Features :
630 is a premium lithium grease fortified with effective corrosion inhibitors. The lubricant is specifically designed to provide extended protection against corrosion of metal cables or any metallic surface exposed to moisture. Ideal lubricant for used on long time storage, transportation by sea, and outdoor facilities. Against rusting will give 2 ~ 5 years indoors, and 12-24 months outdoor protection.

Applications :
Preserves metallic cables and wires exposed to corrosive environments.
Preserves steel reinforcement bars or rods used for concrete structures against corrosion.
Recommended for use in marine and construction industries.

Packing :
450 ml/can; 48 cans/case
(Aerosol Can)
7 Lbs/Pail
35 Lbs/Pail

630C 7 Lbs

630P 35 Lbs/pail



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