G-300/G-500/G-900 MP Grease

G-300 Lithium base multi-purpose greaser with selected additives gives protection against normal corrosive and mechanical wear. Good pumpability with great excellent resistance against water makes the grease easy to use on bearings, gears, car chassis, and sliding surfaces. One item for many applications saves time and money.
Temperature: 0~+380 Timken OK Load : 40 Lbs

G-500 Non-soap type greaser formulated from selected base oil with special additives. Highly resistant to change in consistency with temperature. Recommended for use on kiln car wheel bearings, furnace door hinges, oven conveyor bearings, and heat exchange motor bearings.
Temperature: 0~+500 Timken OK Load : 60 Lbs

G-900 is a multi-purpose semi-synthetic grease with effective oxidation stability to ensure long service life. Selected additives give protection against corrosive and mechanical wear.
Applies to light/heavy duty automotive: trucks, tractor, fifth wheels, CNC, wheel bearings and chassis lubrication. For industrial applications : open gears, blow motors, sealed bearings, electric motors, and coupling.

Packing : 500g x 12cans/case; 7 lbs/pail; 35 lbs/pail

Item No.G-300G-500G-900
Dropping Point380None600
Soap TypeLithiumNon-SoapSemi-Syn.
ColorAmberDark AmberRed
Ball Bearing5000 RPM10000RPM15000RPM
Roller Bearing2000 RPM5000 RPM7000 RPM
Timken OK Load40 LBS60 LBS60 LBS
Packing500 g/can
36 cans/case
500 g/can
36 cans/case
500 g/can
36 cans/case

Lithium MP Grease

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