5221/5222/5226/280 Jiabara Type Grease

5221 Lithium Multipurpose Grease
Contains selected mineral base oil with tackiness additives. Long fiber textured grease can stay in place to provide good lubricity. Reduces /eliminates machinery friction and noise. Suitable for applying on moderate/light duty bearing, linear, and ball screw rod.

5222 None Melt High Temperature Grease
Fortified with non soap base oil with EP and Anti-rust additives. This grease is stabilized with long service life. No dropping point will not pollute the working place. Suitable for applying on moderate/ heavy duty bearing, linear and ball screw rod.

5226 White Lithium PTFE Grease
Selected white color lithium grease with micro PTFE powder which is odorless and compatible with plastic/rubber subjects. Product has outstanding stability and resistance to separation and hardening in severe conditions. Suitable for applying on light/moderate duty bearing, linear and plastic accessories.

280 Mini type Lithium Multipurpose Grease
This is a multi-purpose buttery textured, amber color grease with effective oxidation stability to ensure long service. Apply to moderate and light duty operations. Applied to automotive parts, bicycle, farming and contractor equipment.

Item No.522152225226280
Dropping Point380None360380
Soap TypeLithiumNon-SoapPTFE
Ball Bearing
5000 10000300005000
Roller Bearing
Timken OK Load40 LBS60 LBS40 LBS40 LBS
Packing 400 g/pc
24 pcs/case
400 g/pc
24 pcs/case
400 g/pc
24 pcs/case
80 g/pc
30 pcs/case

5221/5222/5226 (400g) Jiabara Grease

280 Mini Type (80g) Jiabara Grease

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