Chain Oil – 105B-50/205B-50/305B-50

105B-50 Hi-Temp Non Drop chain Oil
Strong oil film with high tacky adhesion additives makes oil will nor drip and economize. lubricating oil penetrates into pin shaft and rotor of chain to eliminate noise. It protects sliding surfaces and chains to against wear. Gives once-through lubrication. Withstand temperature : 0F ~ +470F

205B-50 Synthetic, Hi-Temp Long life chain oil
Synthetic hi-temp chain oil is formulated with polymer refined oil with high VI index : 135. Low vaporization with stable adhesion provides long service time. Clean and pure oil is without sediment and carbon. Economic usage keeps chain moisture without breaking. Excellent penetration to penetrate the chain joints, rotors, and axle centers. Raises the chain lubricity to eliminate fritcion and upgrade the effect. Temperature range : -40F ~+500F.

305B-50 Fully Synthetic, Hi-temp Chain Oil
Clean and clear fully synthetic chain oil is formulated from synthesized hydrocarbon base oil. Fortified with anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion additives to improve lubricity. Odorless and clear appearance will not pollute working environment. Extremely high and low temperature resistance. Good pressure and anti-wear agents to minimize wear. High Vi :127 strong oil film. Temperature range : -30 ~+482F
NSF Registration No. 137252, H-1 class certified.

Packing : 5 Gal/Pail


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