295 Food Grade White Oil

Clean, pure and odorless oil with low volatility biodegradable characteristics which complied with FDA CFR 178.3620(b). Applies to machinery lubricating which there may be indirect food contact. Can be plasticizes and internal lubricants, extrusion aids or defamer. Non-toxic, easy to wash-off, environmental friendly. As a lubricant and rust preventive to use in facilities. Temperature range : 0F ~ +420F. ISO-17.0

Applications :
Paper cups, plastic container, food processing machine, beverage factory, cannery, noodle machine, slaughter house, icing freezing machine, fiber factory, hospital facilities, and textile mill.
*When used as anti-rust oil, it must be removed by washing or wiping to keep oil from contacting food being processed.

Packing : 5Gal/pail



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