573 Moly Bentone No-Melt Grease

Description :
#573 is a bentonite clay based high temperature grease with rich molybdenum disulfide additives. It has high load carrying capacity and resistance to water “wash-out”. It also has good pumpability when used in centralized lubricating system.

Features :
*Resists change in consistency with temperatures.
*Water and high temperature resistance.
*Oxidation inhibited for long service life.
*Adhesive to metal surfaces.

Typical Uses :
*Recommended for using in kiln car wheel bearings, furnace door hinges and bearings, heat exchange motor bearings, oven conveyor bearings and other applications.
*Moly acts as a dry lubricant in the event grease is forced out bearings.
*Apply to various kinds of industries : textile plants, dying & printing machinery.
*Recommended for constructive equipment, brickyard, ceramics industry, and cement plant.
Bentone grease are not compatible with other greases and cannot be mixed. Former soap type greases must be removed and bearings thoroughly cleaned before changing over to Bentone type grease.

Packing :
14oz x 50 Tubes/Case
35 Lbs/Pail.


Farming Machine


Kiln Car Bearing


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