510A Moly Hi-Temp & Dry Powder Lube

Rich amount of Moly powder
Good load carrying capacity
High temperature applications

Features :
Rich amount of molybdenum Disulfide with excellent water wash-out. It has high load carrying capacity to resist high pressure to protect gears. Dry MOS2 can fill up the scratch and pit on the metal surface to make it smoothly to reduce the friction. Quick penetrating fluid dries quickly leaving behind the micro sized moly particles working as a dissimilar material to aid in assembly or disassembly.

As Anti-seize lubricant : Ideal lubricant for used on die-casting mold, boiler, printing and dyeing machine, textile machinery, steel-mill.
As Dry lubricant : oven parts, stamping machines, cannery plants, chains, slides, valves, flanges and press machinery.


48 cans/Case


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