690A/693A/695A Hi-Temp Non-Drop Synthetic Lubricants

Liquid type grease
Hi-Temp synthetic lubricant
Ideal lubricant for precision instrument

Features :
#690 series oils are synthetic lubricants formulated from synthetic base oils and selected viscosity additives. Liquid type grease contains advantages of oil and grease; non-dripping, high strength oil film. Fortified with high amount of extreme pressure and good penetrate additives which gives a high shock load capability to prolong service life. Wide temperature applications is applied for precision instruments.

Applications :
#690A (general type) and #695A (heavy duty) are ideal lubricant for applying to ball screws, linear, linear motion, gantry system, bearing, chains and gears.
Industry : Steel mill, plastic injection factory, textile machine, pulp plants, painting plants,
Household : Sport facilities, wrench, door and window guide rail, metal and non-ferrous metal.
#693A (precision type) is ideal lubricant used in semi-conductor industries, automation industries, aviation and space industries.

Packing :
450 ml/can
48 cans/case