2305 Bio Cleaner

#2305 is highly concentrated, all-purpose cleaner designed to remove a wide variety of oils and dirt from surface without damage which is safe to your skin and environment. Pleasant rose fragrance will not irritating. Can be dilute with water for best cleaning effect. Approximate water to #2305 ratio:
0~3 To cleaner heavy accumulative dirt, grease and oil.
4~7 To clean machinery, autos, vessels, range hood, dirty floors, bathroom and housekeeping.
For general cleaning, dilute with appropriate amount water and then clean with dry wet cloth. To clean heavy dirty, dilute with small amount water and stay for 5-10 minutes and brush off

Packing :
120 ml x 24 cans/case
1 Gal x 6 cans/case
5 Gal / Pail

120 ml/can

1 Gal/can

5 Gal/Pail


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