160B Electric Conduct Lube

Product Description

Conducto Lubes are formulated with copper, graphite and electric conductive powder to provide conductivity, along with superior lubrication to bearings or sliding surfaces on applications. Withstand temperature -5℉ to +1800℉.


● Strong adhesion with excellent conductivity which can prevent electricity loss.

● Lower the connector, switch temperature and electric voltage to prolong the life of usage.

Typical Uses :
● Lubricates electric conductive mechanical parts and bearings.

● Protects and lubricates electric switch, equipment, connectors and terminals.

Rotor motor

Spark Plug


5221/5222/5226/280 Jiabara Type Grease

5221 Lithium Multipurpose Grease
Contains selected mineral base oil with tackiness additives. Long fiber textured grease can stay in place to provide good lubricity. Reduces /eliminates machinery friction and noise. Suitable for applying on moderate/light duty bearing, linear, and ball screw rod.

5222 None Melt High Temperature Grease
Fortified with non soap base oil with EP and Anti-rust additives. This grease is stabilized with long service life. No dropping point will not pollute the working place. Suitable for applying on moderate/ heavy duty bearing, linear and ball screw rod.

5226 White Lithium PTFE Grease
Selected white color lithium grease with micro PTFE powder which is odorless and compatible with plastic/rubber subjects. Product has outstanding stability and resistance to separation and hardening in severe conditions. Suitable for applying on light/moderate duty bearing, linear and plastic accessories.

280 Mini type Lithium Multipurpose Grease
This is a multi-purpose buttery textured, amber color grease with effective oxidation stability to ensure long service. Apply to moderate and light duty operations. Applied to automotive parts, bicycle, farming and contractor equipment.

Item No.522152225226280
Dropping Point380None360380
Soap TypeLithiumNon-SoapPTFE
Ball Bearing
5000 10000300005000
Roller Bearing
Timken OK Load40 LBS60 LBS40 LBS40 LBS
Packing 400 g/pc
24 pcs/case
400 g/pc
24 pcs/case
400 g/pc
24 pcs/case
80 g/pc
30 pcs/case

5221/5222/5226 (400g) Jiabara Grease

280 Mini Type (80g) Jiabara Grease

*Recommended Grease Gun
LUBEGUARD Jiabara Type Grease Gun

G-300/G-500/G-900 MP Grease

G-300 Lithium base multi-purpose greaser with selected additives gives protection against normal corrosive and mechanical wear. Good pumpability with great excellent resistance against water makes the grease easy to use on bearings, gears, car chassis, and sliding surfaces. One item for many applications saves time and money.
Temperature: 0~+380 Timken OK Load : 40 Lbs

G-500 Non-soap type greaser formulated from selected base oil with special additives. Highly resistant to change in consistency with temperature. Recommended for use on kiln car wheel bearings, furnace door hinges, oven conveyor bearings, and heat exchange motor bearings.
Temperature: 0~+500 Timken OK Load : 60 Lbs

G-900 is a multi-purpose semi-synthetic grease with effective oxidation stability to ensure long service life. Selected additives give protection against corrosive and mechanical wear.
Applies to light/heavy duty automotive: trucks, tractor, fifth wheels, CNC, wheel bearings and chassis lubrication. For industrial applications : open gears, blow motors, sealed bearings, electric motors, and coupling.

Packing : 500g x 12cans/case; 7 lbs/pail; 35 lbs/pail

Item No.G-300G-500G-900
Dropping Point380None600
Soap TypeLithiumNon-SoapSemi-Syn.
ColorAmberDark AmberRed
Ball Bearing5000 RPM10000RPM15000RPM
Roller Bearing2000 RPM5000 RPM7000 RPM
Timken OK Load40 LBS60 LBS60 LBS
Packing500 g/can
36 cans/case
500 g/can
36 cans/case
500 g/can
36 cans/case

Lithium MP Grease

Hi-Temp MP Grease

Semi-Synthetic Grease

630A Anti-Rust / Maximum-Coat

Fortified with effective corrosion inhibition properties
Dispelling moisture away from metal surface
Contains antimicrobial agent

Features :
630 is a premium lithium grease fortified with effective corrosion inhibitors. The lubricant is specifically designed to provide extended protection against corrosion of metal cables or any metallic surface exposed to moisture. Ideal lubricant for used on long time storage, transportation by sea, and outdoor facilities. Against rusting will give 2 ~ 5 years indoors, and 12-24 months outdoor protection.

Applications :
Preserves metallic cables and wires exposed to corrosive environments.
Preserves steel reinforcement bars or rods used for concrete structures against corrosion.
Recommended for use in marine and construction industries.

Packing :
450 ml/can; 48 cans/case
(Aerosol Can)
7 Lbs/Pail
35 Lbs/Pail

630C 7 Lbs

630P 35 Lbs/pail

600A Belt-Dressing / Endslip

Tackiness and Adhesion additives
Protect belt and improves capacity
Gogoro & Motorcycle

Features :
Special formula with high tackiness and adhesion additives prolong service life. Increases belt friction and softness to eliminate belt slip, also can decrease the noise. Protects belt from breaking and improves the capacity 50% without any power loss.

Application :
Gogoro, Regular/Huge heavy motorcycle. Industries need to maintenance belt, conveyor systems. Round, flat, triangle, trapezoid and indent types of belts

Packing :


595A White Lithium Grease

White color lithium grease
Mild EP additives/ long life
Excellent pumpability

Features :
Creamy-white lubricant made with high quality base oil, lithium soap and non-abrasive basic oxides. Mild E.P. anti-wear additive provide additional protection and longer bearing life. It has good shear stability and excellent pumpability characteristics and does not harden or soften readily under normal high temperature.

Applications :
Good for plain and anti-friction bearings under moderate load conditions.
Plants where there is a decided preference for white color grease such as : packing machine, mixer, conveyor.
Household facilities : tap, lavatory, shower in bathroom; drawer railway in kitchen; plastic gear in toy car/printer.

Packing :
450ml /can


586A White Lithium Grease (PTFE)

Lithium grease with PTFE
Clean and White color
Light to moderate duty operating

Features :
Creamy-white lubricant made with lithium soap and PTFE powder. Strong and steady oil film protects metal surface from moisture, corrosion and wear. Easy to apply and suits for light to moderate duty operating. Temperature : 0F ~ +340F. Timken OK Load : 40 Lbs.

Applications :
Ideal lubrication for plastic gear, conveyors, rail guides, O-ring, rubber ring, chain, electronic components, household electric appliances, valves, dryer, carton sealing machine, and article for daily use.

Packing :
450ml /can

48 cans/case.

585A Syn. Long-Life Grease (PFTE)

Synthetic base oil
Selected PTFE powder
Long-life lubricating grease

Featues :
Formulated with fully synthetic PAO base grease and great additives having excellent lubricating over a wide range of temperatures. Non-stick, anti-corrosive, non-conducting can protect metal surface. Suits for applying to rubber and plastic parts. Multi-purpose lubricant can save cost and man power. Wide temperature : -40F ~ +550F.

Applications :
Machinery components, aviation, exercise equipment, vehicles, robot arm, car chair rail guide, sunroof seal pad, clean room, fishing tackle, vessel, article for daily use.

Packing :


390A Lithium Complex Grease

High & Wide Temperature
Shock Load-Carrying Ability
Industrial, Automotive, Farm Equipment

Features :
Outstanding wide temperature range : 0F ~ +580F with exceptionally low start-up resistance and resists bearing leakage at high temperature. Fortified with EP additives to against high loads and wears. Excellent shock load-carrying ability. Rust and corrosion inhibited to protect metal surfaces.

Applications :
*All types of bearing : plain bearings, heavily loaded journal bearings, ball and roller bearings, needle bearings and couplings.
*Recommended for wheel bearing, including disc brake applications, fifth wheels, U-joints, steering linkage and chassis lubricant
*Applied to electric motor and farm equipment.

Packing :

48 cans/Case

151A Hi-Temp MP Grease (Aerosol)

Strong Oil Film
Excellent Stability
Good Adhesion
Moisture Prevent

Features :
*Multi-Purpose grease – one grease for numerous applications.
*Economical – saves maintenance cost.
*Good pumpability at low temperatures.
*Anti-Rust, Moisture prevent.
*Wide temperature operating range.

Applications :
*Applied to lubricating all types of automotive : car, truck, bicycles, agricultural machinery and contractor equipment.
*Industrial equipment: plain and anti-friction bearings, gears, pumps and couplings.
*Household usage: fishing tackle, sport facilities, electric roll-up door, seat guide rail, windows hinges.

Packing :
550 ml/can
48 cans/case

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